Natalie George Productions


Gold N’ George present:
A show of Bird Dances and Songs created by Heloise Gold
With performers Rosalyn Nasky; Kelsey Oliver; Kelly Hasandras; Kate Taylor, and Lulu Fisher
Production design: Natalie George
Photographic Collage Artworks: Elizabeth Chiles
Costume curation: Kelsey Oliver

BB&B is a new version /iteration of a body of work called “Bird Dream Dances and Songs” that Gold began creating and performing in Austin in the 1980’s. There have been many versions of the repertoire performed through the years with a variety of collaborators.; here in Austin and around the U.S. With a goal to pass the work onto younger generations, Gold is thrilled to be performing this work and sharing these dances with this particular bevy of wonderful performers. One of the ongoing themes in Gold’s work is to call upon the “creature” qualities that we humans have access to, when we realize that we are all a part of nature. The qualities of humor, play, rigor, surprise and experimentation, all take a role in her works.
May 30th-31st, Jun 1st at 8:00pm;Jun 2nd at 3:00pm